Castlereagh Feeds Pullet Grower is a complete and balanced feed, formulated to support the growth of your pullets and any other birds that are grown for egg production and breeding. PULLET GROWER is an all natural safe feed. Free from medicines leaving you with complete control of your Pullets diet. This is a very safe coarse crumble in environments where other animals may accidently gain access to the pullet feed. PULLET GROWER will not harm your horses, dogs or even curious little people. Our pellets are gently steamed, agglomerated and compacted to capture maximum nutritional value of our feed for your Birds. Castlereagh's highly controlled steaming and pelleting process gently unlocks the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins helping your birds growth & development. So if it is the HEALTHY CHOICE you want for your birds then trust only a Castlereagh Feeds diet.

Recommended average consumption of Castlereagh Feeds PULLET GROWER coarse crumble for pullets from 6 weeks of age to point of lay (18 - 20 weeks). Pullets should eat approximately 5 - 7 kgs of feed until point of lay per bird. Developing pullets feed intake will increase rapidly until point of lay. We recommend Castlereagh Feeds FEED N FIRE and SCRATCH MIX for pullets after point of lay. Suggested Minimum Daily Protein Intake. You are what you eat, and so are your birds. At Castlereagh we jam-pack our bags with loads of natural goodness and freshness. Feeding can be complicated; age, breed, gender, season, bird weight, pen temperature, rates of production, disease problems can all effect any diet. We recommend a complete care regime which includes a minimum of worming, plenty of available fresh water and veterinarian check ups.

Wheat bran, wheat pollard, barley, cracked corn, crushed lupins, soybean meal, canola meal, molafos gold (molasses), lucerne meal, dolomite, regano (natural herbal coccidio- stat), salt and Castlereagh's Pullet Vitamin & Mineral premix.