Castlereagh pig grower finisher pellets are formulated to provide all the nutrients vitamins and minerals that a pig from 8 weeks of age requires. The principal source of energy in Castlereagh grower and finisher pellet is carbohydrates and fats. Protein is just as important as energy. Proteins supply the building materials from which body tissue and many body regulators, such as enzymes and hormones, are made. Each protein is made up of several nitrogen compounds called amino acids. There are 22 or more amino acids. Of these 22 or so, 10 are essential because the pig cannot manufac-ture sufficient quantities to permit maximum growth and performance. This is why the feed you choose needs to be complete, because the growing pig can only get these essential amino acids from the feed supplied. Of all the common farm animals the pig is most likely to suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Because of the greater prevalence of confinement feeding the only way the pig can get what it needs is from the ration.

Castlereagh Pig Grower Pellets is a complete feed and as such the addition of other grains and supplements only serves to unbalance the ration.

Wheat bran, wheat pollard, barley, soybean meal, calcium magnesium carbonate (dolomite), salt and Castlereagh Premium Vitamin & Mineral premix.