Give your ol' mate the gift of good health. Castlereagh Complete is a great concentrated, all purpose feed formulated especially for our very special equine senior citizens. Your trusty old mate has earned his keep and now deserves a great tasting, healthy feed guaranteed to be easy on his tummy. This steamed conditioned pellet is the healthy choice for all your older equine mates. Complete is easily digested helping him get the most out of his every feed. Soften by wetting it down to make a hearty porridge, ideal for those cold days. Ideal for our friends missing teeth, recovering from sickness, injury or surgery. We have added Lucerne meal for ease of digestion of protein. Be sure to provide a balanced diet by also feeding quality roughage (hay, chaff, pasture). With seniors please seek regular veterinary check-ups, in normal circumstances no additional supplements are required.

Steam rolled barley, bran, pollard, lucerne meal, soyabean meal, calcium magnesium carbonate (dolomite), salt and Castlereagh Premium Vitamin & Mineral premix