When finishing cattle, feed accounts for 70% to 80% of the cost of feedlot finishing, this is why when we developed CATTLE BOOST, quality of feed and real economy were our two main goals. Castlereagh CATTLE BOOST is a cereal based feed, it contains no growth hormones, antibiotic, or urea. Castlereagh CATTLE BOOST is fortified with all the vitamins and minerals required to finish bulls, steers and heifers. Castlereagh CATTLE BOOST when fed with high quality roughage is a complete feed. It delivers all the energy and protein required to deliver gains in excess of 1 kg per day for Weaners. Economic importance of feed for beef cattle. The feeding of beef cattle constitutes the greatest single cost item of their production. It is important, therefore, that feeding practices be as satisfactory and economical as possible.

On high concentrate diet 80% Cattle Boost 20% roughage

Steamed rolled barley, bran, pollard, soybean meal, calcium magnesium carbonate (dolomite), salt and Castlereagh Feeds' Vitamin & Mineral premix.